YOUR HIGH SPEED FERRY TO CUBA is owned and operated by Havana Ferry Partners.

Our goal is to provide high-speed, cost effective, passenger ferry service from Port Everglades and Key West, Florida to Havana, Cuba.

  • At this time, travel to Cuba is limited to Cuban-Americans and licensed United States citizens. Passengers traveling from the United States into Cuba currently only have the option to travel by air. Airlines charge expensive air charter fares for a roundtrip ticket and strictly limit the luggage capacity.
  • Cuban Americans will choose to travel by ferry for several reasons including competitive pricing and a more scenic and entertaining voyage to Havana.
  • The passage of H.R.4645, a Bill before Congress, will reopen sea travel for Americans to visit Cuba.With an increase in the number of travelers to Cuba, new and more cost effective methods of travel will need to be established.


  • Once the travel embargo to Cuba is lifted, many Americans will choose to travel to this beautiful island and the historical city of Havana for their vacation.


  • Many travelers from around the world travel to South Florida on their vacations. Havana Ferry Partners can provide a way for them to extend their holiday and visit the beautiful sites and beaches of Cuba.
  • Nearly four million international travelers visit Florida every year and with this new ferry service, would now be able to extend their holiday to Cuba.